Feel Uplifted Using Divine Universal Energy

Reiki is a gentle, laying of hands treatment. Divine universal energy flows through the Reiki practitioner and into the patients mind, body and soul. Reiki will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed and so much more!

Kels Reiki and Angel Healing

REIKI I: The First Degree

An exciting and informative workshop for Reiki beginners to start your journey. 

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REIKI II: The Second Degree

The next step to your Reiki journey, expanding your knowledge of this wonderful healing modality.

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REIKI III: The Masters/Teaching Degree

You are ready to walk the path of enlightenment, and add other healers to this Earth!

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Angels Weekend Connections Workshop

Everyone is assigned a Guardian Angel. Some people have one angel looking after them, while others will have four or more! However many Guardian Angels you have, they are always there to help you, guide you and protect you. This workshop is all about Angels, Angels and Angels.


Crystal Workshop

Yes we all know that the sparkle of a crystal is enough to lure you into their high vibrational energy, but do you know what to do with it? This workshop is dedicated to teaching you how to use crystals for healings, increasing energy, manifesting, and increasing your intuition, plus more.


About Kelly


Kelly is a qualified Reiki Master and an Angel Therapist. Kelly was taught the art of Reiki (Usui method) through Doreena Scales at Peace Yoga and also has personally trained with Doreen Virtue for her Angel Therapy side.

Spiritual healing runs through Kelly’s family, right back to her Great Grandmother in the little villages of Yugoslavia.


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